How to display big home entertainment in a small living room

With real estate prices on the rise, many of us are opting to downsize our homes so we can upsize our lifestyles. The minimalist approach is gaining ground as we seek to be less wasteful, investing in fewer, higher quality items and focusing on essential pieces.

At the same time, home entertainment is evolving as streaming entertainment and gaming grows in popularity. And the home theatre style is still popular, as demand for advanced TV displays continues to grow.

The challenge now is how to make the most of your home entertainment area in a small space. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Furniture scale is critical, as is furniture placement. For a small room, look for sofas and seating that have a narrower depth, which provide comfort while taking up less floor space.
  2. Pick items that do double duty. A padded bench or ottoman rather than a coffee table serves as additional seating in a pinch.
  3. Make sure the TV screen size is appropriate for the room. If you’re sitting on your sofa, go for one that takes up 40 to 50 per cent of your field of vision. The larger the screen, the better the quality should be. Try the LG OLED TV, which is the most advanced TV display technology on the market today, offering over a billion colours and perfect black for life-like picture.
  4. When designing your entertainment space, screen size isn’t the only thing that needs to be considered. When it comes to the TV, the thinner the better. LG OLED screens are as thin as four stacked credit cards, which means the screen is unobtrusive and attractive, seamlessly fitting in to any decor.
  5. When it comes to storage cabinets, a wide cabinet with a narrow depth pushed against a wall makes for a good TV stand and doesn’t take over the room. A few carefully chosen pieces work better than trying to fit too much into a room.

Raptors star Cory Joseph puts a new twist on the selfie

Cory Joseph may be one of Canada’s favourite ballers, but what fans don’t know is that his selfie game is almost as good as his basketball game. Now, he’s taking his selfie snaps to a whole new level with the LG G6 “twofie” feature.

“The twofie is a thing you can only do if you have the same smartphone as I do,” says Joseph, whose device of choice is the LG G6. “My smartphone’s square camera mode lets me take full advantage of the multiple cameras by letting me photograph the scene in front of me and my reaction to it ( at the same time! Essentially it’s a double selfie. And it’s awesome.”

Joseph, a Toronto native, was among the first in Canada to experience the square camera mode feature of the LG G6. He’s discovered that it’s a great way to capture images of some of his favourite hangouts and he and his friends experiencing them together. A few of his top twofie experiences include:

  • Caribbean foods: Joseph loves curry roti chicken and is always on the lookout for a new Caribbean restaurant to try, because nothing works better than a food shot mixed with the pre-food coma smile.
  • Ping pong. In case you thought Joseph’s athletic prowess was limited to basketball, don’t go up against him in a ping pong match at the local ping pong tables. The video twofie of your defeat and his victory dance isn’t pretty.
  • YMCA. It’s where Joseph got his start and it’s a great spot to cheer on the basketball stars of tomorrow in action.
  • The dog park. All dog lovers know that man’s best friend is good for a laugh, and there is no better place for Joseph to snap amazing twofies with his poodle, Ziggy.

Joseph says there is no limit to the twofie possibilities.

“When it comes to twofies, I can also create them using an existing picture. Just the other day my fiancée asked what the dress code was for an event we were going to together. I grabbed a picture of her wearing a dress that fit the occasion, took a thumbs up selfie and sent it off to her. I feel like my twofie are pretty amazing and I’d love to see what Canada can come up with.”